Personal trainer looking for inshape lady to train with

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Like other professions though, there are people at both ends of the spectrum. There are fitness professionals who live in the gym, and trainers who use the gym for a quick workout and then get out.

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About a year ago I picked up an old sport — tennis — because I wanted to have a social activity that was structured, competitive and allowed me to meet more like-minded people. So, I ed a league and ed up for weekly one-hour lessons. Once I felt comfortable on the court, I started ing up for more classes.

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Currently, I play three times a week for 1 hour each session. Many of the sessions are guaranteed to leave me sweaty, red-faced and sore! The abdominal engagement and working my core in the proper way has saved me from low back pain. I try to get them weekly to take care of my body. Since I travel a lot and sometimes work on the weekends, I use Monday to get in a lot of things that make me feel good. One-hour tennis lesson: I used to run a mile on the treadmill for cardio before I started playing tennis.

However, I really dislike cardio, so I am grateful that tennis gives me an outlet for it that I actually enjoy. Saturday: I usually skip my morning routine on the weekends, but do 60 minutes of Pilates and my upper body and back routine. Sunday: 60 Minute yoga class. Once a week I go to a yoga class because I love the mind-body side of exercise, and I love the stretching.

As a yoga instructor myself, I know how to do the more advanced poses, but I choose not to. I go to yoga to focus on my breathing, center myself and take care of my body. Key takeaway: Do workouts that mean something to you and serve a purpose.

Zehetner is a devoted and proud father of three, and he works out almost daily with his children.

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They play tennis, practice Taekwondo and, during the winter months, downhill ski. Brian typically averages 90, steps per week. Monday: Strength training 30 minutes of chest and biceps at work ; Taekwondo 60 minutes at a studio with his son and daughter. Tuesday: 90 minutes of tennis. This is an advanced drill session with other adults; rigorous intensity.

Thursday: Coach youth basketball. Sunday: Indoor cycling 30 minutes of intervals on his bike at home. Key Takeaway: Make exercise part of your everyday life and find activities you can share with his colleagues, friends and family. But in Januaryhis whole life changed. HIIT is either a 2-mile jog or 1 mile sprint splits on the assault bike, rower or elliptical. Now, he bases his workouts on 2 giant movement circuits that combine power, strength and hypertrophic training in one.

Then he leaves 15 minutes at the end of each workout for an additional set of HIIT training either using cardio equipment or functional training equipment like kettlebells, bands, or med balls. He does different muscle groups every day except for Sunday. Then bedtime and do it all again! Key takeaway: It's never impossible to make time for fitness, but it may take a little work to find an exercise schedule that works for you. If you're strapped for time, HIIT is a good place to start.

In the off-season, she works out about four days a week for an hour at a time while juggling kids and running her studio. While her weekly exercise plan does vary, an example week looks something like this:. Wednesday: 1 hour of strength training at her gym including weight training and body weight exercises. Friday: Swim for minutes followed by 30 mins of self-guided yoga. Saturday: Stationary triathlon bike in my training room or gym.

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In addition to her workouts, she stays active with her. In the warmer months, she walks her two kids in the stroller for 90 minutes to two hours a day. Key Takeaway: Every week doesn't look the same. Change your workouts and fitness plans based on your goals and schedule. As a celebrity fitness trainer, Cruise does it all. He coaches clients on finding the most efficient workouts they can do in the shortest amount of time — and he takes his own advice: Every morning at 5 a. He does this live with his clients via Facebook. He personally does more when he can. For the 5 a. Weekend: Cruise also loves to stay active with his.

They go to the gym at Equinox or hour fitness together as a family. The family also hikes at Runyon Canyon. Key Takeaway: By setting up your workouts first thing in the morningyou'll make sure you get them in. Saturday: Fun day! Sunday: Farmers market and reflection. Bernard works his brain just as much as his body. He has an alarm set each day to remind him to stop and sit in silence for 1 minute. In the evenings, he commits to disconnecting from his devices by a certain time, does some light stretching and reflects in a journal.

I pick since I typically wake up around a. Key Takeaway: Try to incorporate some of your own mindfulness activities into your daily routine and see if this le more consistent workouts and less stress. He has dropped 20 pounds of both muscle and fat over the past two months to get back into the professional ballet world. This is what his weekly workout routine and rehearsal schedule look like:.

Morning: Ballet class, which consists of isolated consistent contractions of nearly every muscle in the entire body lots of deep squats, lunges. Morning Cardio: 20 minutes includes walking on the treadmill at an 8. Stretching throughout the day, which not only burns calories additional calories but helps the body heal from rigorous rehearsals. Morning Cardio: 20 minutes on the recumbent bike at moderate resistance level, incorporating 5 lb. Finishes workout with 50 floor burpees. Morning Cardio: 20 minutes walking again ; 10 mins of weight training with a moderate weight dumbbell for Ramsay this is lb dumbbells ; jump squats in a wide ballet 2nd position also called sumo squats.

Saturday: Rest day! Stretching hamstrings and calves in a warm bath; after warm bath continue stretching Personal trainer looking for inshape lady to train with 20 mins, rotating body parts and holding stretches for 30 seconds each. Sunday: Day off from ballet. Challenging, yet manageable. Want more tips like these? IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Share this —. Follow better. Fitness What these celebrity trainers wish you knew about weight loss.

Personal trainer looking for inshape lady to train with

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