Not having much luck Id thought Id try one more time

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This place a palace of light drawn with shade Of silence and pretence a token of our trade And here you and I lie wreathed in flames All over a life lived by making up new games Of gazes and whispers. I want you to know I still love you Even though we've been dancing on broken glass, Parade all your memories, for the moments we shared Never fade away. I want you to know I still love you When I walk down the memory lane Where the night swears its love to the stars There will be no more tears today, hey hey.

We shared a penchant for cyanide praise Fashioned our armours of empathy's malaise And all of that hurt, and all of those words that we said You'd think we poisoned the ground on which we tread But the lining is silver. The best of intentions will not see the road paved The end of illusions, who could ever be saved What's left behind in the storms that we braved The troubles we find and the chances we waived. We're going where dreams really come true And we won't be held back by our fears Come hell or high water We'll trust there's a life for us here this way.

Night, the world, it's mine, with nobody else out here It's time, run wild and royally cavalier To burn, ignite, I'd do it for so much less When all is made clear there is nothing else. And here we stand, the sweet arresting duality And I come to, it's resin all over me Will I awake, will I get a ride with you In this race of two.

Without names we're fantasising Dancing like flames, mesmerising My dark disquiet playing such eerie harmonies. Making waves and diving under Lightning to the sound of thunder My dark disquiet singing such haunting melodies. So white, so still, so bright, it's almost too painful now I'm ready to fight, to run from the light.

And here now comes the sweet corrupting reality While now I'm free, will I once cease to be Will I awake, will I get a ride with you In this race of two.

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Brothers by blood separated Marionettes animated Lovers of strings liberated. Getting lost singing their song, oh Caught up in all I've done, oh It's all I know, but not what I need, oh Cut by my love, cut till I bleed.

So I want to run to your shelter tonight Run to the shelter tonight United in silent resistance Of bowing to false kings. So let me run to your shelter tonight Run from this meaningless pantomime I'll swallow my pride, give up the pretence Of bowing to false kings. Bought their smiles, liquid and smooth Took their words for the truth, hey Edge of light and shade, ah My broken soul once more enslaved. So I want to run to your shelter tonight I see the false kings I see that all this Must end. When there' s no love in my embrace Cold blood runs through my veins If I soar without grace Do I still soar I need the love in your embrace Open doors, brand new ways End my wars and erase And I'm yours.

So I want to run to your shelter tonight.

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I'll swallow my pride, give up the pretence Yes, I wined and, and I dined on, on that cyanide. I remember laughter My rollercoaster emotions Oh, how they echo in my mind Like counterfeit excitement This happy pandemonium Of zooming in on our next high. And it feels like flying It's a fool's paradise And here we go denying That there's always a price And no easy way out But we can leave our gilded cages In the silence of minds.

I remember the question Who are we really living for N' I could feel you by my side Rare like the flower Peace without euphoria This surrender feels so right. Two worlds colliding, There ain't no bargaining No giving in without a fight Model of defiance In the face of adversity You keep your target in your sights.

And it feels like flying Outta fool's paradise And there's no denying But I'll pay the price With my fear and doubt I'll leave them in their cages And rise to blinding heights. Time spent like a spendthrift clown So many chances wasted So many hopes let down You didn't see how your pain Became your refrain You always thought there was tomorrow Wish you could get back what you let go.

But it's alright if you fall You just get up, just go on Never mind the hurt, even if you burn Cos it's all, gonna be so much better The moment your true self's shining through Like the love when I'm finally holding you. First step after the fall So many more to take till I'm done with'em all With my hopes and my dreams, my anxieties But there is peace in no expectations Marvelling at the hallucination. Through all these dawns Oh, winter blues Still wondering why And what's the use Oh, the first hello To the late goodbye When I'm made new, yeah.

Lying in the arms of night In the shadows of the firelight Suspended by this feeling of fading away. I wanna run away with you So meet me by the cut through Together we'll make our sweet escape. Cos you're fearless in your love Devoted to compassion The highest state of art Piercing in your truth Sincere in all intention The way you wear your heart The way you hold my heart My fierce friend.

Under a canopy of stars Where thought and truth divorce In that latticework of dreams we are shameless. I wanna run away with you Somewhere they cannot undo Together we'll make our sweet escape. And this is why I love you Why you're the only one You're the only one Who has seen me come undone And then seen beyond. I wanna run away tonight Just leave everything behind Together we'll make our sweet escape. I will close my eyes to see your face again Let the love I feel rebuild my faith through pain, I remain Defences down Heart in my mouth.

I still hear your voice, calling my name, And like every new choice, it carries the promise, That we'll find our love, that we're not just like moths to flame, Already lost, moments before the storm. I'll Not having much luck Id thought Id try one more time the telling bones to know my fate dealt hand And down the beach I'll trail your footprints in the sand, overland Till I'll kiss your brow again I'm right here now.

Are we collateral damage Is love its justification How do we sing our songs Despite. In truth it's visceral savage This magnetic sensation Cornered it becomes strong And it fights, to be right, to be right. Baby, I've been feeling a bit on edge Lately, I've been careless at making bets.

Living in a world where it's always Monday, One AM and dark, and it's always pouring Where you can feel the weight of a new day rising By the neon furies of advertising. So hey, hey, hey, hush, don't be crying now, hear, Cos any day fortune may wander down, dear, And we can see a world that is milk and honey, The tapestry of life as a beautiful journey. There's always a promise of a silver lining, There's that elation of perfect timing In a perfect world Baby, I can see through their idle threats So easy I can walk through their bayonets. But even still I can stumble and fall, And every step I miss, it still takes its toll Even if I wise up there's always a price, Serenity betrays and troubles arise.

In a perfect world we would never lie In a perfect world there'd be no reason to cry In a perfect world, In a perfect world In a perfect world we'd never die. I'm not looking for words I'm not running from hurt I just want you by my side. In this moment in time Feels I'm crossing a line I'm not looking to set things right.

Kiss the feathers of a hummingbird in flight Breaking up into a million specks of light Take the shape of an angel in the night Carry you to peaceful fields. Cos it's playing out Every note in the score I surrender once more But as my tears fall they still. Grant me one wish Send me one more kiss On the whispering wind Like white horses Running in the fields Something new begins.

It's the season of dust trailing old pick up trucks Seashells washed ashore down by the docks So baby pull on your blue jeans turn the radio loud Don't wait for the hour to give birth to doubt. In the peak harvest of snakebites and wasted hindsight When trivial truths sit next to the taillights When fenders of chrome they rattle and hum All carved in the shape of freedom.

Those flea market stalls in the bone dry noon Despite pretty s, look cursed and marooned And trumpet notes wailing from the candy store Like a work of art of uneasy rapport. The wreckage, the blunder, the tarot read In the heat blurry air we're down in the field Where to the choir of cicadas' jubilee Among the clouds we once fell asleep. The sirens of the shipyard by those derelict whales Old mothers singing rusty old tales Like revving engines keening sky high Yet theirs is never a war cry.

Oh lord won't you hear your children cry Singing their praise and their hallelujahs I have no more words to describe An empty sky of hollow blue, yeah So where is my lover, my firelight The line on the edge of truth and rumour We took our vows in the heart of the night We were brazen and bright, when we were brazen and bright. I've got this madman in my mind, this prolific deer and he's working overtime and he gets all wired up higher and higher as we fly, we're poets of the fall.

Perfect, near fatal headlong dive A blueprint for life, blueprint your life Aggressively primal cultural high This mental Versailles, is much grander than the lies You tell yourself to get through the night Sentenced to drama for life.

He tears a stampede through my head, wild and horny Just one chance to kill it dead, but I will embrace it Into the darkness on we ride, to gamble is all. If all the isms and doctrines of life were a gentle breeze instead of that usual judgmental freeze, would we all be as easily shanghaied to their cause, as now we seem to object every clause, and would we have the unerring nerve to go after our deepest desires with a similar verve, who would it serve.

She's plastic, she's speed read, a classic line between the lines Fantastic and half dead, his tactic, blind to warning s Her clashes of colors are flashes of society In ashes his dollars like posters of a tragic love story. See the puppet master laugh, astride a pale horse And take another photograph, for selfie intercourse Reading out the epitaph of our pointless wars For love we will tear us down.

He's shooting at shadows, portraying a proper soldier boy She's thinking, in logos, still searching for the real mccoy Broadcasters, they've got this, disasters, a wasp of a satire Like actors who french kiss right after someone stole their fire. Down that beaten path she tre Mirage the blushing bride he weds Yesterday's diamonds and pearls Now worthless trinkets in their world. The salty tang of blood, sensations running hot Snow blindness in pitch darkness, mindless rage And then you see the puppet master laugh And take another photograph.

Some people never settle for the one One love forever searching for the sun Heat blasted faces, promises at dawn A constant flux of stages before they're gone. How do you live so gracefully Would you show me How can I save the child in me A world would see How do you fall so gracefully Serenity In a shattered world The child in me. Harlots by the half-moon, charlatans by wine Seeking out our pleasure, the sweet concubine That abrasive acquaintance, it's a wonder how we fawn Stopping at these stations before they're gone. Hello old lovers of mine, my little boy wishes of fortune's kisses Now dreams cast aside In the fading light your crown of thorns becomes a halo of branching horns And yet so beautiful.

I see you gently swaying in a sea of seesaws Slumming in the shack Tony built last year I know you'll be holding court with jackdaws Crying when nobody ever sees your tears When no-one sees your tears What used to fly us from here to the stratosphere What became of our passion Is there no-one who cares Hear the soft minor key of the Not having much luck Id thought Id try one more time time me Still the acrobat with my heart on my sleeve And it's so beautiful.

Out back where the gates are closed Like a pitiful skeleton pose We held our first line of defence Saw our likeness and it made no sense Like toy soldiers in the muck and dirt Salvation in your every word Lost in the fray of everyday. I see you gently swaying in a sea of seesaws You're still fighting, I see, like a modern day Bruce Lee Standing proud in this parody. Parallel to life, there's wisdom that seems out of reach, like a figure of speech, in a maze of white lies, so elusive it's hard to recognise, with naivety's eyes.

It's like running with a knife, the thought steals away with your peace and high on that trapeze, you hold on to me, you hold on to me. And I'll be singing you songs of tomorrow, And then dawn will follow And our sorrows all undone.

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When you're done with all the strife, when they echo the minds in the streets, you know your heart beats, a solitary call, for a change in the tone of it all, you'll be scaling that wall.

Not having much luck Id thought Id try one more time

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