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Nothing screams "adulthood" more than packing up your bags and relocating to a new city. But what people sometimes forget to mention is that after the liberation high wears off, it can be quite challenging to adjust and find your "new normal" — especially if you've made the decision to move out on your own.

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Unlike college, where you lived with people who were going through the same transitions as you, you're now dealing with roommates, coworkers, and friends who are all at very different points in their lives. I've been living in Manhattan for a few months now, and I'd be lying if I said there were never moments when I didn't feel completely lost and alone in this city of eight million people.

Whether your move is taking you to a big city like New York or just the town over from your childhood home, loneliness happens. But, in my experience, you can use your loneliness as an inspiration to explore your new home and feel yourself fall in love with it over and over again, every day. Here's what worked for me. Once a week, I make a conscious effort to bring my favorite books and magazines to the park for an outdoor reading session.

Set up a picnic blanket and enjoy your favorite quiet activities; like reading, writing, or playing guitar surrounded by others. If it's too cold or rainy, go to a coffee house or nearby bookstore. As a self-proclaimed Type A personality, the biggest way I fought loneliness in a naturally overwhelming city was by creating and maintaining, a basic routine.

Days in New York are never boring and are hardly ever the same, so having a few small tasks you New in townlonely depend on every day can be more comforting than you even realize. Laugh, cry, and complain about life and the responsibilities that come with growing up. The simple act of talking to someone who knows your past experiences and can share them with you will help you feel less alone.

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Fighting loneliness by going out alone exploring your new city on your own is both exciting and empowering. Want to spend four hours at a museum? Do it. In the mood to go on an obscure walking tour or eat out at restaurant that serves interesting cuisine? Then go! Consider yourself a traveller in your new city. Try and find a local coffee shop, bar, or bakery that reflects the character of your city. Order their most popular dish, people watch, and invite your friends to you so you can make your own sitcom-worthy memories.

Use your fresh fare to host a food and wine pairing party with your friends and roommates that evening.

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When you say yes — to dinner, a date, a spin class, a concert in the park — the opportunities are endless. By saying "no," you shut down any chance of something spontaneous, unexpected, or serendipitous happening to you. Predictability can be nice, but it can also be stifling. I'm not telling you to say yes to everything that might be dangerous — but whenever you have to pause and think about what your choices, try just saying yes a few more times than you say no — and see where it le you.

By Casey Galasso. Bring Indoor Activities Outside Once a week, I make a conscious effort to bring my favorite books and magazines to the park for an outdoor reading session. Befriend Your Roommates Or Neighbors.

New in townlonely

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Moving to a New City Alone: How to Conquer Loneliness & Flourish