Never had a black girl before

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Specifically, as it relates to black women.

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Even more specifically, how hard it is to feel beautiful, desirable, and good about ourselves. Mostly, by de. Everything outside of conventional beauty standards. These features are so rarely praised on black women. We grow up surrounded by slim, conventionally attractive white and Asian women, whose confidence we use to define our own.

Much of our role models in early childhood are our peers. So, we just aimed to get as close to them as possible. White and non-black women of colour experience their own societal pressures concerning their beauty. The beauty of black women is celebrated on other women. Black hairstyles, big lips, big butts, and thighs are beautiful on Kim K, but not on us. Confident people receive external validation, which helps foster their confidence.

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Then, we get to the dating age. The age when young black girls see many of their White and Asian friends getting into relationships.

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At first, you wonder, what does that even mean? What are they expecting to be the big difference? It becomes natural to assume there is a difference. Everything about you is so different. Being black and a woman is a confusing space to love in. They make their bigotry our fault. Our pent-up traumas are weaponized against us; when we put up walls and become defensive of our time energy and space.

I want black women to feel heard, seen, and loved. Only we know the nuance and lived experiences that make it so much harder. It boils down to seeing black women as complete equals and humans. Confront your unconscious biases. I want them to understand and see how these statements and actions are actively harmful and inexcusable. On the other end of the negative information, black women receive about themselves, non-black people are also receiving and believing these same messages.

Above all else, I need all black girls to know that as you are, is perfect. As you are is more than enough. A new intersectional publication, geared towards voices, values, and identities! in. We never asked. Lena Follow. An Injustice! Written by Lena Follow. More From Medium. Melanie Sass. Edilson Moura. Zara Zareen in P. I Love You. Does this Surprise You? Christmas Story. Abby Zensea. Your Friendly Neighborhood Traitor.

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Never had a black girl before

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“I’ve Never Dated A Black Girl”