Looking to meet someone who loves food

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The thing is, you can enjoy exotic meals, but you will not find the prices on the menu because you are the one who is defining how much you want to pay for your meal. With a smile on her face, she let us in her colorful restaurant filled with decorations, instruments, and handcrafts originating from Africa.

During the conversation, Okoli told us her passion for cooking started when she was a young girl because her mother and grandmother had a restaurant in her hometown. She decided to carry on the tradition. Her first plan was to go to Italy, but passing through Croatia, she decided to stay.

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Not only has she liked it here, but she also found love - her now husband - and stayed in Zagreb. Since it is very complicated to start a business of this kind right away, Okoli first actively got involved in association work for Afrika u mom srcu. The association promotes African culture throughout art, workshops, and entertainment. Aside from that, Okoli holds culinary workshops and organizes events that include her supporting community of talented and creative people.

After a while, this fearless Nigerian woman accomplished her dream and opened this special place. I want people to feel like home, offer a good atmosphere and open the door for everyone.

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This is a charity kitchen - there is no menu nor price list, just goodwill. Also, you can try exotic drinks that you can not find in Croatia. Most ingredients come from the local market in Zagreb, but unique spices that make this place special come from Netherland or straight from her mother in Nigeria. But the question is how is it possible to cover all the costs if the profit comes only from donations.

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Also, there are people who leave more money than the food costs just so they could help others! We agreed that this is the perfect time for Zagreb to get a unique place like this and that Okoli is the perfect example of a positive change in a society! Place where good food and good people meet. Written on: September 23, Mileage Heading. Company Details. Your submission has been received! Something went wrong while submitting the form.

Looking to meet someone who loves food

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Enjoy a gourmet dinner together with us at the FOSH LAB!