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Little changes on the Faroe Islands. This far-flung, self-governing archipelago, part of the Kingdom of Denmarkrises out of the Atlantic between ScotlandNorwayand Icelandand prides itself on maintaining traditions.

Just 18 small islands make up this nation; 18 lumps of volcanic rock cloaked in emerald green where rugged coastlines and soaring cliffs enclose hidden lakes, precipitous cliffs, and tight-knit communities. The Faroe Islands may stand still in some ways, but in others, they soar ahead.

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Known for clever promotions, the innovative national tourism board also famously strapped cameras to the backs of sheep in to persuade Google to include their maps in Street View. It worked; after all, sheep here out the local population. Discover more small European villages off the map.

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Isolated, rugged, treeless and open to the elements, the Faroe Islands are a place of legendary beauty and local pride. The tunnel to this remote village only opened in —before that, access required a demanding hike over a mountain, which the postmaster managed three times a week.

Look out for puffins while admiring the waterfall, then stop for home-cured fare at Cafe Fjorooy. The iconic view at the end is both beautiful and mind-boggling—it delivers an optical illusion of the body of water hovering miraculously on a clifftop above the sea. The minute journey he from the tiny yet buzzing capital to a quirky island with few cars and plenty of characters. Hire a car and make your way across the islands—six of the 18 are accessible by road. More recently, the traditional sweaters made a recurring appearance in the hit Scandinoir drama The Killing. From Michelin stars in hidden valleys and sushi spots in the city to traditional cooking in the homes of locals, the scale and range of cuisine on offer is impressive for such a small, remote place.

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