Looking for a mature other play

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His friends had always been older, probably because he was so mature for his age. His logic and acceptance of the deformity was amazingly positive and mature for a 9-year-old. Filters 0. Category: most common Unique synonym related antonym idiom.

Part of speech: modifier verb adjective noun. Mature in age, size, strength, etc. To come to maturity. Having learned from experience; made wise, competent, etc. Showing unusually early development or maturity. The act or process of maturing, esp. Alternative spelling of middle-aged. Looking for a mature other play develop or achieve gradually:.

Intransitive, of a steam boiler To work so that foaming occurs from too violent ebullitionwhich causes water to become mixed with, and be carried along with, the steam that is formed. Idiomatic To stop acting as or like often used as an imperative interjection. To complete is to finish something, to make something whole or see a task through to the end. Of or suitable for. The definition of knowledgeable is someone with intelligence. Sufficiently advanced; far enough along for some purpose. Liable at any moment. Having all of its parts in harmony with a common purpose.

Not experienced ; lacking knowledge or experience; green. Like a woman; womanish. Comfortable and at ease, especially after a period of change or unrest. To develop naturally or fully; mature:. Having reached full size or maturity; fully grown. Experiencedespecially in terms of a profession or a hobby. A claim is said to be perfected if all steps required to put a claim right, or in final conformity with statutes, have been taken, and the litigant can proceed to an appellate court. Idiomatic To matureor become fully developed.

To come to completion; end:. Intransitive To approach or come to perfection. Being in an early period of life or growth; not old. Marked by or suggesting a lack of normal maturity:.

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Easily worked or penetrated ; not hard or rigid. Showing or characterized by thought; serious. To develop is defined as to grow or to become more advanced, or can mean to cause something to grow, or to build improvements on land. To cause to grow; raise:. Terminated ; concluded ; done. In a ready state; specif. The state or quality of being an adult. Countable, finance Date when payment is due. Figuratively To postpone an action that would extinguish something, as a debt. Simple past tense and past participle of age. Blossom means to grow or develop. Considered means thought about or entertained as a possibility.

To ripen; mature. To give an athlete, actor, etc. Not cured or tanned:. Present participle of grow. Having great strength or force:. Having all the necessary features; thorough. Having reached full development; mature.

Having or showing maturity in outlook, attitude, or appearance:. To bring or come to full development. Able to fly.

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To form or discharge pus; fester. To stop dividing, as certain cells. To commence an action. Of a bird that has yet to develop its wings and feathers and become able to fly. The definition of manly is something having the characteristics or traditional virtues generally attributed to men.

In the capacity of a matron ; serving as a housekeeper or head nurse. Calm, quiet, or composed; esp. Which is based on reasoning ; which is the result of logical thought. To become quiet and calm after a period of restlessness. Characteristic of youth or immaturity ; childish. Comparative form of old : more oldeldersenior. Complicatedespecially of complex technology. Find another word for mature. In this you can discover 83 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for maturelike: developed, adult, in full bloom, become a woman, experienced, thought about, precocious, maturation, middle-aged, evolve and prime.

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He's a mature male. Their marriage had finally blossomed into mature love. He thought she wasn't mature enough to be a mother? Words that mention mature in the Dictionary. Words near mature in the Thesaurus.

Looking for a mature other play

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