Lookin for Gaastra

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Article no. The Pilot returns for the new season after a complete rede.

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The Pilot is set up for maximum compatibility and performance for sailors looking for an economical sail. A relaxed luff curve improves compatibility with nearly any mast brand.

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Super simple rotation and progressive pull make the sail easy to handle and a breeze to learn on. For more advanced riders a progressive profile and compact outline provide superb maneuverability and planning power to make sure you get the most fun out of every session. The GA Vario top will not slip.

With set and forget system that means you only have to adjust it once. It also features:. To get the best possible colour for the longest possible time, GA has invested heavily in their film over the past season.

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The result is an outstanding colour that won't fade no matter what you do to it. The GA Silicon patch above the boom cutout opens the mast pocket just a little, allowing the rider to insert the mast with just one hand, without having to move up the luff. A rede that makes the fold flow much easier. It is clean and just how it needs to be: Perfection! For instant answer - open the chat and ask your question.

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We're active 9. Is it afterhours?

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For those who prefer phone calls - that's our. You can give us a ring between 9. Your cart is empty. FINS Fins. Delivery cost: 0. Subscribe our newsletter to get best deals Send. Thank You! Review was saved. Customer Service tel. E-mail Skype Live Chat.

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Lookin for Gaastra

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Gaastra sails carbon masts