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Copies of the resolution were sent to the Soviet commandant in Berlin "in vigorous protest.

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In other action, five students were announced as candidates for president of the N. They include Edward R. Garvey, Burlington, president of the University of Wisconsin student body last year. The president and other N. A result-getter! State Journal Want ad is ready to buy, sell, hire or rent for you any time. Phone IV So compact they fit any refrigerator shelf.

No need to store the empties just throw 'em away! No bottles to return means you save time, too. And you save money there's no deposit. This is the handier way to get Drewrys -the beer brewed by an exclusive process that keeps all the refreshing flavor in You can enjoy glass after glass with no full feeling after.

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Today, discover the big difference in Big D-more flavor, less filling, more fun! Marshall Hartig of Delhi township. Hartig announced at Monday night's meeting of the township board that work now is about 25 percent complete on the system. He said a work stop, which began last Wednesday, will end Tuesday when workers return to the job.

Hartig said the stop, caused by differences between the contractor and the various un ions involved, was not serious. Hartig said that when the plant becomes operational on Dec. He said he anticipates the entire system being " percent operational" by next June, at least. The certificates are slated to mature Sept.

Treasurer Richard Dart said the cash fund retained for payment of contractor's bills has not been depleted and there is no immediate prospect for its exhaustion. It's estimated that 14, bricks will be required for the plant. An original petition, asking for streetlights and paving in addition to the other work was denied earlier. The observance came late Monday when Rep. Catherine May R-Wash took the floor at the end of business to deliver a rous ing summary of the trials and tri umphs of the early 20th century suffragettes. Then the sterner sex, as Mrs. Lady want nsa NJ West berlin 8091 a trifle archly referred to her male colleagues, practically stampeded to get into the act.

Peter Frelinghuysen, Jr. Ken Hechler D-WVa said the time mny well arrive when three-fourths or four-fifths of the representatives are women. Not only that, put in Rep. Sam uel S. Stratton D-NY but "it will be only a few years before we look forward to a woman presi dent or vice president.

The prospect is fine with him, he added. Women in politics, remarked Rep. Carroll D. Kearns R-Pa "have done a beautiful job. May's presence in congress, alone, justi fied women's suffrage. Ap plause. Let's not forget, Mrs. May went on, that it was the men's vote that put in the suffrage amendment. I didn t know we had any choice, observed Rep. Robert L. Sikes D-Fla. Jessica McC. Anthony spent most of her life in her districtand went to jail there for suffrage demonstrations.

For that matter, said Mrs. Weis, "that controversial garment, the bloomer", originated in her district, too. Weis said it was pretty well established that if Mrs. Frelinghuysen recalled his own; grandmother was a suffragette who "picketed the White House during World War I and ended up in jail. Barratt O'Hara D-Ill said Illinois women had staunch Democratic support when they got the vote, ahead of the women of the country generally. May said it would be a fine thine if President Kennedy ap pointed a substantial of women to office.

President Dwignt D. Eisenhower named more thanshe said.

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The students in the Hurd district on DeWitt rd. Enrollment in the Forest district, Stoneleigh dr. Book fees will be collected and bus passes issued. Regular classes start Sept. Seventh and eighth grade students will be transported to Waverly junior high school and ninth through 12th to Pattengill junior high and Eastern high schools.

The measure, given final con gressional approval yesterday, defines the in-air seizure of planes as an act of privacy and provides penalties from 20 years in prison i up to death. It also defines other crimes! The senate speeded up action on the bill yesterday by agreeing to accept the house version of the! Mike Monroney D- Oklasaid he was reluctant to wait for senate-house conferees to thresh out differences because "we do not know when another hi-jacking may occur.

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