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It was Nov. Khalid had just become the first Somali-American to win a seat on the city council in this deindustrialized mill town, where thousands of African refugees have settled over the past two decades. Her groundbreaking accomplishment in a campaign marred by Islamophobic political attacks garnered national attention, including an article in the Washington Post and an appearance on CNN, as well as a congratulatory tweet from Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. She was voted in.

Instead of everyone bashing her…why dont [sic] we support her and be part of coming solutions. Pearl Benner, the creator and primary administrator of the Facebook group, replied to Venable and tagged him in her comment. I will never forget [w]hat this [sic] S. Wake the FK up. There are now about 6, former refugees living in Lewiston pop. Edgecomb, Jr. A video recently posted to the appears to show a Muslim girl on a school bus punching another student in retaliation for being taunted.

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Ship em back! They come here and infect all of us.

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These Facebook groups have the potential to radicalize closet racists and incite real-world acts of white-power terror. This past September, Khalid posted a text message she received from a Facebook user that featured a 3-Percenter logo and had a profile picture of paramilitary fighters firing automatic rifles. But even if you do get in and report hateful posts, the faceless Facebook administrators may refuse to take action.

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Counter-speech in the form of accurate information and alternative viewpoints can help create a safer and more respectful environment. Do not ever make the mistake of crossing my path. Benner has been suspended from Facebook in the past, at least once.

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Related Posts. Indie Maine filmmaker partners with pro-Trump propagandists to push school-shooting movie.

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Us Now.

Is fuck now Lewiston yet

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