I like a big girl with large breasts

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This article originally appeared on Alternet. Boobs…we can never quite seem to get enough of them or stop talking about their appearance. Indeed, there are countless studies dedicated to unearthing the mystery of their enchanting allure, with some research providing particularly comical insight into our perception of breasts and personal preferences.

Poor men like big breasts while financially secure men prefer smaller breasts. Busty women beware: your cleavage may be attracting gold diggers. According to Psychology Todaythe amount of money a man earns has a lot to do with the size of breasts he prefers. Men from different socio-economic backgrounds — to be exact — were asked which breast size they found more sexually attractive based on a series of animated female figures with various breast sizes.

Hungry men desire big breasts while satiated men prefer a smaller chest. Researchers found that hungry men preferred larger breasts compared to those whose stomachs were full. The were compiled by comparing the breast size ratings of 66 hungry men vs. Only white British men were invited to participate in the experiment because of the fact that ethnicity is known to influence breast size preferences and the study wanted to eliminate any additional factors, which may affect the outcome.

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The study resulted in a finding that hungry men substantially preferred fuller-breasted women. Men not interested in fatherhood find large breasts less attractive. Their answers were measured on a scale.

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Key findings suggest there is an association between a particular fertility-related hormone and larger breast tissue. Furthermore, a link was found between larger breasts and a smaller waste-to-hip ratio with regards to the greater likelihood of conceiving children.

Good news for men -- you may actually be saving the life of your ificant other by continuously grabbing her breasts. Apparently mechanical forces and applying physical pressure on the breasts can stop the rapid growth of cancer and prevent out of control cells from turning malignant. The force of gravity is essential to keeping our bones strong.

Women who get breast implants are three times more likely to commit suicide. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast implants are now the one cosmetic procedure in the United States.

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The Annals of Plastic Surgery report found that the increased risk of suicide became apparent 10 years after a woman received implants. Loren Lipworth of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center monitored 3, Swedish women who had undergone breast enhancement surgery between andfinding that while only 24 of the women had committed suicide after an average of 19 years, the risk of suicide in this group tripled in comparison to the average population.

The study also acknowledged that such suicides could have been attributable to pre-existing psychiatric problems, which made some women prone to suicidal behavior. According to a study from the University of Westminster, men who exhibit sexist attitudes towards women are also likely to have a preference for large breasts. The findings, which show a connection between sexism in men and breast size, involved white men from years of age being shown 3D models of women with a range of breast sizes.

The men were then asked to identify which women they found most attractive, following which each was given a survey measuring hostility and attitudes toward women, relationships, benevolent sexism and how much a man objectified a women.

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The research found that the largest percentage of men The majority of men interested in large to very large breasts admitted to displaying behavioral traits of sexism and hostile attitudes towards women. According to a French study conducted over 15 years on women aged between 18 and 35, wearing a bra is completely useless for women and may actually cause more harm than good. The study claimed that those women who did not wear a bra actually benefited long term, as they were able to develop more muscle tissue, which provided natural support.

The study suggests that when bras are worn, the restrictive material prevents such tissue from growing, which may actually accelerate sagging. Interestingly, the study did not indicate the actual breast size of the women who were involved in the experiment.

According to psychologist Stuart Fischoff. Katren Weatherby, staring at breasts for ten minutes a day is said to be equal to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. The study supposedly involved a team of investigators visiting three hospitals in Frankfurt, Germany, and comparing the health of males over a period of five years.

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Half were asked to stare at busty women daily; the other half was prevented from doing so. The result? Those who ogled big-breasted babes over five years had lower blood pressure; slower pulse rates and were less likely to develop coronary artery disease. However, the legitimacy of this particular study has been questioned.

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Emery claims Dr. Moreover, irrespective of any study, when it comes to breasts — whether small, medium or large — most men are just happy to have a naked woman in their bed. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and not in the breasts you happen to be holding. Sticky Header Night Mode. Related Topics Alternet Breasts Science.

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I like a big girl with large breasts

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