I don t want a skinny girl

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You kind of hear this a lot, in real life and otherwise; "Oh, men don't want a stick insect, women should have some meat on their bones, something to grab on to! On the other hand we'll have the occasional "Kate Moss bad, Marilyn Monroe good" post hit the front. Is there a degree of social acquiescence going on, since liking thin women is normative?

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I doubt it, since upvotes are anonymous. Edit : Jesus, going to stop responding. Double Edit : I have no problem with "stick insects" and I don't mean to use the term offensively. Most of the girls in the fap thread are legitimately gorgeous. Also I'm on the slim side of average for those of you assuming I'm bitter about being fat or something. I was curious about the general consensus about what body types are considered attractive - some interesting responses here.

Most men ideally prefer women with large but proportional ie not freakishly large breasts, a waist to hip ratio of 0. Also, symmetrical faces, clear skin and youthful mannerisms are preferred. These qualities have been studied by evolutionary psychologists across multiple cultures and are the most agreed upon ideal qualities in female attractiveness. The occasional African tribe that prefers women to be lbs or more is the exception that proves the rule. The most important thing is the hip to waist ratio. A lot of supermodels have a much more masculine hip to waist ratio, while actresses like Jessica Alba have the exact 0.

Jessica Alba is comparably slim to most supermodels, but her proportions make her preferable to most men.

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This sort of thing is probably why you hear the "Kate Moss bad, Marilyn Monroe good" thing. Also, Marilyn Monroe was a rather slim girl, comparable to most modern actresses. The idea that she was a size 14 was based on sizing at the time--she'd probably be a size 4 or less today. Most importantly, all men are I don t want a skinny girl, and individual preferences differ.

Most people are unable to snag their "ideal mate," but that doesn't mean people aren't attracted to the mates they end up with or that they resent them in any way for not living up to "perfection. That doesn't mean you're disgusted by Generic College Guy or wouldn't be happy with anyone less than Brad Pitt. Women are no better than men at this, but men don't seem to be as worried that women fantasize about beefcake. I blame women's magazines and the like for this--they place far more emphasis on women's perfection than men do. Edit: I just checked out the fap thread you linked.

The top ladies are in no way exceptionally skinny. They are young, fit, healthy and attractive. There is something odd going on if men look at these images and feel guilty for admitting these are examples of ideal attractiveness, or feel they need to apologize to larger or less attractive women for it.

They don't, and they aren't shallow for it. They might be shallow if they would only consider dating women of this level of attractiveness, though. When people claim to be embarrassed by their own preferences in a mate I just shake my head. Some folks just can't accept that they're animals. I can't upvote this enough. You are bang on. It's more about ratio than specific size.

There are other aspects, too. I know someone with what people consider a rocking body great ratio, petite overall, etc but she has the most hideous face and style. Also she is clinically psychotic. I think I'm gonna make a post or something about people misusing that phrase. Slim girls and thicker girls just have very different sets of appealing features--and neither are inherently more "feminine" or "real" than the other. A small girl I can throw all over the bed, a bigger girl can fuck me while we fight for who's on top.

A jutting hipbone peaking out from low-rider pants is sexy as hell, but so is a pair of wide, juicy hips that make the ass do that figure-eight walk. I like small, perky tits that don't need bras just as much as I like the tits I need both hands and my mouth to fully appreciate. Thighs don't touch? Fucking hot. Thighs I can grab and that can squeeze me cross-eyed? Love that shit.

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Assuming all men like the same thing--or even that our society only idealizes one body type--is a big mistake. As a DJ at a strip club part time I will affirm this. There are girls at my club who if you saw in street clothes you wouldn't look at them twice. But give them a few skimpy items, a little bit of hustling skills and voila That is very insightful actually. Props to her, I kindof want to know where she works so I can give her a big tip!

I just think all guys are different. I had an ex who would call me "stabby" because I was so skinny that my bones "stabbed" him when he hugged me. He wanted me to be a bit heavier. Then my next boyfriend thought I was overweight, and was always putting me down. My current fiance thinks I'm perfect exactly how I am, and only wants me to be healthy.

Just find that guy, and ignore the rest.

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No matter what, you're somebody's preference. Also, don't shame other body types. Skinny girls aren't "skin covered rakes" and heavy girls aren't "useless land whales. Also, the thread you refer to was in fact a "picture to show my sophisticated taste as not just a porn viewer but a connoisseur of aesthetic photography" circlejerk. The question is one about a generalization anyway, so it's not like the OP should expect a great answer regardless.

The answer to her question is an automatic "yes it's bullshit" simply because the class of "men" do not all share the same tastes. Personally I like skinny girls because I myself am skinny. I don't assume other people have to share my tastes and don't ask stupid questions like "it's not true that women prefer clean-shaven guys, is it?

Some do, some don't. People are different and have different tastes. Generalizations about what men like one way or the other are stupid. That said, I'm not a fan of scrawny women.

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I know my man likes skinny girls, I'm a curvy girl. I think my man is gorgeous, I also like men with more toned muscles, or with dre, or whatever. Girls and boy, if you can not stand the fact that your partner might find another body type than yours attractive, you need to work on that And I don't mean your bodytype. Is the whole "men don't like women to be too skinny" thing complete bullshit? Posted by 9 years ago. So what is it you like, guys? Continue this thread. But if we are talking about body specific you are exactly right.

Other then that, fine post.

I don t want a skinny girl

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