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The day has arrived for Maddie to give her testimony about Carl Rogers in front of the grand jury.

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Jerry comes to some conclusions that he shares with Harry, and we learn that Mickey Pena has friends in high places. Bosch reaches out to an old friend for help when he is not getting some answers. A mystery man exits a plane. It is not such mystery, however, after we see him arranging a gun and the telltale mask of the Franzen and Chandler hit man.

Next, we see the same man at the Biltmore hotel bar sitting near Attorney J. Reason Fowwkes. It feels like this cannot be a coincidence. The two men briefly discuss their jobs and the hit man exits the bar without drinking any of his beer. Later we see Fowwkes donning his pajamas and climbing the stairs to bed.

He notices a light on in the study and he back downstairs. Fowwkes is befuddled when he sees the man from the bar at his desk. He begins to realize that this is the gunman who has been fulfilling the hits he ordered through Datz for the Rogers case.

Fowwkes assures the man that he has provided all the pertinent information for him to complete the next hit and asks if there is a problem. The next morning Judge Donna Sobel exits her house ready to drive to work. She enters her vehicle and starts the engine. A check in her rear-view mirror reveals the gunman, this time wearing his mask.

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The gunman tells Donna not to turn around again. He tells her to proceed with her drive to work. Donna tries to remain calm. She asks her dad for a moment alone. Maddie pulls the gun from her bag after confirming that judges, too, must pass through the metal detector. Harry is not angry but suggests that she get a if she wants to carry a gun going forward. The three of them pull away from the house with Jerry trailing behind them in the distance in his own car. Harry pulls up to the parking garage gate. They flash badges and Maddie shows her identification. Harry parks the car and the trio he to the building entrance.

We see that Jerry has parked his car outside the garage on the street.

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He flashes his badge to a security guard to access the garage as well. He walks slowly toward her vehicle, pulls his gun and shouts for Jimmy and Maddie to return to the car. Harry sees that Donna has been shot and killed. A shootout begins between Harry and the gunman. Shots are fired very close to Maddie and Jimmy as they try to crawl back to the car.

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Jimmy aims for the gunman as well. Jerry spots the gunman from the opposite end of the garage and fires shots that make the shooter turn around. Just as the gunman turns away, Jimmy is able to make the shot that takes him down. They converge upon the body and see that he was carrying a burner phone. Jimmy says it is worth a shot. Maddie is okay but obviously shaken and having a hard time hearing after the close gunfire. Vega offers to drive Maddie back to the house. Maddie ponders that fact that she probably would be dead if she did not have three detectives protecting her that day.

Chief Irving questions Harry about the incident asking if it was the same shooter as the others. Harry believes it is despite Irving wondering why it was done so publicly this time. He also wonders why Sobel was involved. Harry explains that Maddie was the target, and that time was a factor.

Someone was trying to get to Maddie before she could give her testimony.

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Of course, Donna was taken because she could access that same garage entrance as a judge. Harry sends Pierce and Jerry to question Fowwkes only for them to find out that Fowwkes had been murdered as well. Harry replies that only a few knew.

The camera takes us back to the station where Harry is talking to Asst. DA Tegan Boyle in an interrogation room. She acts as if she is there to be of help. Harry calls her out and asks her how long she has been passing prosecutorial secrets to Fowwkes. Harry reminds Boyle that things will go better for her if she talks. He also wants to know why Donna was the judge sacrificed in the plan. She says Fowwkes was not fond of Sobel. The chief has other concerns on his mind as well. He explains that they are very close to making arrests.

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Irving scoffs at the idea feeling sure that Pena gave the order for the fire. Furthermore, Pena is being promised witness protection, so they cannot even pursue him later. Brenner asks Irving to keep him informed of his decision. Jerry sees that the tracking device is showing movement for Pena. The detective tails Pena and sees him pull into a lot. He is met by some men who usher him through a building and into an SUV on the other side. Pena gets away. Jerry calls Harry at home and sends him photos of Pena with the Feds. He hopes that she can give him more information about what the Feds are doing with Pena.

She does not think she can help much in her current position, but she will see what she can find out. Meanwhile, Irving responds quickly to Brenner with an agreement to back off Pena in exchange for the files on the closed Lopez investigation. Brenner agrees. Irving asks longtime ally Capt.

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Sarah McCurdy to examine the files. But when Harry calls the chief to ask if he has approached the FBI about access to Alvarez, Irving lies and basically says they are playing phone tag. Maddie and Harry have a talk at home about what will happen to Tegan Boyle. He describes different charges like conspiracy to commit murder and corruption.

Harry points out that she will go for a deal, though. He still plans to go after Carl Rogers who funded the hits. Maddie expresses her condolences about Donna. He told Edgar earlier that Fowwkes picked Donna to hurt Harry. Maddie says he should not feel guilty, but she knows that he does. Maddie changes the conversation to the music playing. She says it is Lady Day on the turntable. Clearly, there is evidence of Rogers funding the hits on Vincent, Chandler, and Maddie. But it is still not clear how Rogers could have had Fowwkes killed since Fowwkes was the arranger.

Housewives wants sex TX Hurst 76053

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