Fell in love with my stylist

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I am always intrigued by how easily hairstylists do hair. Watching them snip away layers, while simultaneously chatting, and moving around seems effortless.

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But as much as you feel like you have them figured out, there are still plenty of things your hairstylists won't tell you, no matter how close you have become with them over the years. The salon life is full of mysteries and fun hacks, and as a whole, it is an interesting community that helps people feel good about themselves.

In order to learn more about hairstylists and their lives, I decided to chat with my personal hairdresser Sade Doucette from La Novita in Randolph, MA whose been doing my hair for the last five years. She has been professionally styling hair since she was 18 and is constantly learning more and more about her craft. Sade was kind enough to invite us into the fascinating world of hairstylists.

Here are 10 things your hairstylist won't tell you, but you should know. Sade says that she always ends up with stains after coloring which makes me feel better about my Smurf hands.

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Bleach, cigarette ashes, and windex. However, the reason for this usually stems from the fact that hairdressers work on commission. This means that the more appointments they have, the more money they make. Since hairdressers work on commission, they tend to book through their lunchtime.

She does leave some time free in her schedule to grab something to eat, but somehow always ends up booking right through it. If it were up to me, I would have Sade do my hair all the time. She shares that, for most hairdressers, having someone work on their hair is hard because each stylist has their own method of doing things. Supposedly, this ensures that they will know what to do, since they have the same kind of hair.

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I always figured that dyes were dyes and not much was different about them, besides the quality. Dyes used in salons have active developers, which allow the color to penetrate the hair. This will also allow the dye to last longer in your hair because almost all dyes fade. Instead of penetrating the hair, they simply stain it, which is why they fade quicker than salon dyes. When people complain about their hair is falling out or their hair is too oily etc.

Hairdressers are hairdressers as a profession. However, as much as they might eat, live, and breathe hair, they all do other things with their lives as well. Sade shares that sometimes clients forget that people who work in salons or in similar professions also have personal lives. She enjoys cooking, working out, watching Beautician and the Beast etc. Sade, as well as any other hairdresser, can never go anywhere without tracking hair. Hair is also what they love to do.

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She shares that there are conventions and events like hair shows where stylists can go and take hair lessons, learn about different companies and products, and check out funky hairstyles. By Vanesa Pacheco. Stains are not a problem.

Fell in love with my stylist

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