Feel like i made a mistake with the wrong girl

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Dating is hard, and finding the right partner can be even harder. Once you find someone you're pretty compatible with, it's easy to settle into the comfort of that relationship. That's why it can be difficult, and take a long time, to recognize the s you're in the wrong relationship. We still hear people joke about how oppressive commitment is, comments about getting home to the "ball and chain". Many think this is what relationships are supposed to look like, but it's not. When talking to singles about dating, Chlipala encourages finding a "good fit" not a "right fit".

Butterflies aren't always a good. Chlipala often sees that people date based on their initial attraction to someone, or the initial chemistry in a relationship. This isn't the best indicator of who will make a good partner in the long run, and it's easy to confuse your lust at first sight with anxiety and other negative emotions. Chlipala says you and your partner won't be on the same about everything. Probably not on most things. But when couples focus too much on differences, it's often a they're not accepting their partners for who they are.

If you feel as if you can't tell your partner how you're feeling, take a step back and question why that is. It could be because you don't feel totally comfortable being yourself around your partner, or because your feelings are about a relationship dealbreaker. Either way, it's always best to address your feelings and try to identify the root problem. O'Reilly says that compatibility is a big part of any relationship, and partners should be striving to meet each other's needs.

O'Reilly says. If you're imagining big plans for your future, and you forget to include your partner, that's usually not a good .

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If you're unsure how your partner fits into you life in the long run, it's a good idea to figure out why that is. It can erode gradually or drastically in response to relationship events like infidelity. Not all fights al the end of a relationship. But if you have constant fights with your partner and nothing seems to change, chances are your fights aren't productive.

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O'Reilly recommends learning how to argue constructively. This means actually listening to your partner's concerns, and looking for win-win compromises. If you're unsure of where you stand with your partner, or what your future looks like, it's time to re-evaluate your relationship. While it's always a good idea to ask, it's worth it to look at why you feel this way as well. Chlipala says a big problem in relationships is when one person does speak up for their needs, but nothing changes or gets better.

Maybe because your partner isn't willing to make changes, or you're asking too much of them. Chlipala says it's important to note that people speak different love languagesand just because your partner isn't very touchy-feely, that doesn't mean they don't love you. However, she has found that affection is important in relationships, and if you're unsatisfied with the physical attention you're getting or not getting you should bring it up to your partner. If you feel lonely or distant in your relationship, despite spending time with your partner, you may not be developing a deeper connection with your partner.

You should be bringing up your feelings and differences of opinions to see how your partner responds and if they are willing to compromise with you. If they're unwilling to compromise, or you're asking them to change who they are, chances are you're not in a compatible long-term relationship.

Chlipala says that anxiously attached people in relationships are "hyper-sensitive" to whether or not feelings are reciprocated in their relationships. It can be difficult to recognize that your partner is really keeping you at bay when you're naturally anxious.

But this likely means you and your partner are incompatible, and it can cause you more stress and anxiety. Because by default, people who are [ It can be hard to recognize you're unhappy in your relationship, and even if you do know you're unsatisfied, it's often easier to just stay in that relationship. When looking a compatible partner, Chlipala recommends seeking someone who speaks the same love language as you.

She also recommends looking at what your non-negotiables are, and even questioning why you have them, to find someone who shares the same values. By Esther Bell. Here are 12 thoughts you may have if you're in the wrong relationship, according to experts. Chlipala warns against focusing if you're on the samebut not for the reason you'd expect.

Feel like i made a mistake with the wrong girl

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