Australia heat new team

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As such, Football Australia is responsible for developing and implementing policies and guidelines to conduct these competitions.

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These elite competitions continue throughout the summer months. The Policy attempts to mitigate the risk of heat related injury when matches are played in extreme heat.

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Ambient temperature alone is not the sole determining factor in assessing the risk of heat related injury. In addition to the ambient temperature, a range of other key factors such as humidity, cloud cover, solar radiation, wind, shade, and the time of day can interact to determine the heat load on a player.

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The Wet Bulb Globe Temperature WBGT reading is a parameter that provides an indicator of the risk of exertional heat illness for a footballer, and takes into all of these factors in providing a temperature reading during training or competition. It is important to note that the WBGT readings can also vary based on the amount of time prior to sunset.

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For example, typically the effect of solar radiation 3 hours prior to sunset is vastly different than it will be at 5 hours prior to sunset. Professional and elite level footballers are fitter than the average athlete, and their training regimes are adapted to suit the relevant conditions in which they compete.

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These footballers are supported by appropriate Sports Medicine, Sports Science and Conditioning programs developed by highly qualified professionals i. Sports Physicians, Physiotherapists and Strength and Conditioning Coaches within their clubs to assist in acclimatising the player to train and play in heat.

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Accordingly, players are provided with adequate hydration and cooling practices, management of training lo and monitoring of player performance to assist with effective preparation, and appropriate recovery protocols for matches played in extreme heat. Importantly, decisions to implement a drinks break, or delay or postpone a match is a medical decision based on advice from the Team Doctor s at the venue. Particularly, matches that may be played during extreme heat can be identified and these extreme conditions tracked and monitored constantly up to and including match day to ensure that the welfare of players and match officials is the primary consideration.

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This means Football Australia is able to identify if extreme heat conditions are likely to be evident on match day, and thus liaise accordingly with the necessary stakeholders, including the Clubs involved in that match. He is also team doctor for the Socceroos, commencing initially in a shared role inand being the sole physician for the team since ly he was team doctor for the Western Sydney Wanderers A-League team in their inaugural two seasons.

Prior to the Wanderers, Dr Jones provided medical coverage on match days for Sydney FC as an away team doctor since the inception of the A-League competition. Football Australia Heat Policy.

Australia heat new team

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