Are there any Belgium jocks looking

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This is one of the most interesting but most complicated subjects to transmit. It is often when you try to explain a joke that it loses all its effect. Do you want to make a joke in French? Have you ever tasted these delicious caramels? If so, your dentist must be rich, because it sticks to your teeth. Carambar jokes are very famous in France, it is especially children who love them and they are passed on from generation to generation.

Why is that? Because children love to read the joke inside. Try it yourself:. They often play on French words and phrases. If you are inspired, you can also propose some directly on the Carambar website.

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Toto is a boy who goes to school, he often talks to the teacher, and he always responds to situations with an ironic repartee. See for yourself:.

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You probably know these jokes in your mother tongue. The first names must be said in the right order to form a sentence with the surname. The French often make fun of their neighbours, the Belgians. The principle of the Belgian joke is to tell a story with a Belgian in it who is going to make a fool of himself by his ignorance by taking everything that is said to the letter.

The story is usually told by imitating the Belgian accent. But the Belgians defend themselves well, and also make similar jokes about the French, where they are either silly or arrogant. Only one, to hold the light bulb: he thinks the world turns around him! If we had to define French humour, I think many would define it as follows: without any limits. Everything is acceptable to make a good pun. They make fun of everything and themselves in order to laugh and make people laugh.

Alas, French humour has come up against the realities of our current world in with the attack on Charlie Hebdo. But the newspaper has risen again and its front- headlines are as provocative as ever. Even in its supermarkets! Monoprix had the good idea to write some tasty puns on the packaging of its products. He pees. The best French jokes. August 04, Different types of French jokes Carambar jokes Have you ever tasted these delicious caramels?

Try it yourself: Quel est le sport le plus silencieux? What is the quietest sport? Le parachuuuuuut! What do you call the father and mother of the invisible man? Ses transparents. The mistress asked Toto: Where is your maths homework? He committed suicide, madame. What do you mean, he killed himself? He had a lot of problems.

For the Hail Mary. How many Frenchmen does it take to unscrew a light bulb? Parce que les crocos dealent. Why are we putting all the crocodiles in jail? Because crocs deal. Here the pronunciation is important Pourquoi est-ce que les moutons Are there any Belgium jocks looking le chewing-gum? Start now. Share this post on. Choose your language and take your free Lingoda placement test. Ready to start learning with Lingoda?

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Are there any Belgium jocks looking

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Belgian Jokes