Are all females flakes in Juneau

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Jeff Flake, R-Arizona, said last week.

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Which America was he talking about? The idealistic one where the inalienable rights described in our Declaration of Independence apply equally to all men and women? Or the one in which women and minorities must fight for the privilege to be equal Americans in the eyes of the law and beyond? But inequality only needs one discriminatory disadvantage to exist.

And especially in those cases, the deck has always been stacked against them. America has a long history of gender and racial discrimination. The latter is what brought Roy and Elizabeth Peratrovich to Juneau in where they began working with Ernest Gruening, the territorial governor, to draft legislation to give equal rights to Alaska Natives.

Allen Shattuck of Juneau during the debate of that bill. But I know that concept elicits a defiant backlash. So I want to reframe it through my personal appreciation for the privilege of being an American. I was a young teenager when I began to understand how fortunate I was not to have been born in the Soviet Union.

Or living in a country literally torn apart by war. The thought accompanying those realizations was how Russians and Vietnamese must wish they could enjoy our freedoms and security. Indeed, the belief our nation has been blessed by God cannot exist in the absence of American privilege. Nor can we be a beacon of hope and freedom for the rest of the world without recognizing it. Because implied in these prideful proclamations is that our way of life must be the envy of people around the globe.

I grew up in a clean and safe suburb that gave me many advantages over boys my age living in the racially segregated and rundown communities near Boston. Only his testimony was credible.

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Women have faced that same problem throughout American history. The female inferiorities imagined by men were translated into laws that kept women subservient to them. And the ones discouraging women from reporting crimes of rape and sexual abuse parallel the Jim Crow laws that protected white supremacy in the American south. We are not witnessing America being torn apart by the demand women be heard and have their stories believed.

What is coming apart is another seam meant to secure the unjust privileges men have granted themselves. And the consequences for denying that will be an increase to the injustices which have accumulating ever since our founders stunningly but incompletely declared all men are created equal.

My Turns and Letters to the Editor represent the view of the author, not the view of the Juneau Empire. We have some opportunities coming up that can help us with our perennial budget problems. A state standard of patient care and a state enforcement of rights must be added to proposed bills. Movies can become appetizers for viewers curious about our complex, multi-cultural, U. Strangulation: A deadly tactic.

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Are all females flakes in Juneau

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