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Adult students learn and apply strategies for success in their return to college and lifelong learning. Major topics include setting academic, career and personal goals; stress management; time management; critical thinking and problem-solving; learning styles; and best practices.

Also introduces students to Houghton College, our online platform, and program policies and procedures. This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of coding. Basic concepts like data types, variables, and functions are presented, as well as the fundamental elements underlying webs.

Object-oriented programming is also introduced. Liberal Arts. Video and board games have become increasingly popular cultural phenomena in the last several decades. With a mushrooming market share and rapid advancements in quantity and quality, how can Christians be involved with games as both consumers and producers in a distinctly Christian way? This course will ask students to understand the basic scientific principles that under-gird game de and to think creatively about integrating a Christian worldview into such an endeavor.

An examination of the history of the commercial music industry in America from the start of the commercial music industry to the industry of today, including the musical influence of the commercial song. Beginning with the birth of American popular music in the U. Critical analysis of the contours of a world and life-view coupled with more detailed critical analysis of perennial and foundational issues in epistemology the nature of truth and knowledgemetaphysics the nature of reality: persons, the world and God and ethics the nature of goodness and the process of ethical decision-making with close attention to character—virtue and vice—and the foundations of morality.

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How do we do justice and avoid injustice through political activity? We explore the possibilities and pitfalls of the search for justice by considering classic theories of justice, studying citizen action and the policy process, and examining case studies of specific issues such as health care, same-sex marriage, human trafficking or other issues of current concern. Fulfills half of General Education Social Sciences requirement. Introduces students to the tradition of Western political thought from the ancient to the modern world through a close reading of important thinkers.

By considering problems of community, obligation, order, justice, liberty and freedom, equips students for careful normative reflection on public life. The course posits the ss iteration of the Civil Rights movement as a crucial vector in a larger narrative of the Black freedom struggle. THEL gives sustained attention to the sociopolitical realities that influenced racialized constructions and performances of gender.

THEL centers an interdisciplinary method that weaves theology, ethics, history, critical theory, African American and gender studies. Special attention will be given to topics such as: Black feminist and womanist critiques of the Civil Rights movement, women's movement leadership, masculinity, respectability, and Black moral traditions. Scholars to be read include: Traci C. Scientific study of thinking, emotion and behavior. Surveys theories, issues and concepts of psychology. May include research participation requirements.

Introduction to the fundamentals of digital photography, including camera operation and file management. Format includes discussions, demonstrations, critiques, lectures and student presentations. This course examines the purposes, organization and major activities of business operations in for-profit and nonprofit contexts. Emphasis on understanding the integrated nature of decision-making as students learn the relationships among business, government and consumer in a global economy.

This survey course is deed to provide an overview of business fundamentals in the free-enterprise system to include business ownership, ing and financials, economics, marketing, people and process management, technology, and strategy. A comprehensive examination of proactive and reactive business strategies and tactics that create and fulfill demand for consumer products and services and result in high customer satisfaction and ongoing, long range business—consumer relationships. Descriptive and inferential statistics: measures of central tendency and variability, discrete and continuous probability functions, sampling, estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation, regression, chi-squared and ANOVA.

Perspectives on traditional, current and emerging practices in human resources management, including matters related to economics, law, psychology, sociology, and programs and policies used in employee management. Prerequisite: BADM or permission. Survey of Adult want real sex Houghton NewYork 14744 history of interpreting Scripture and various methods used from ancient to postmodern. Students will practice on various texts and consider issues of application. Prerequisite: BIBL or with permission.

Survey of causes and consequences of crime and the social responses in the legal system: policing, the courts, the varieties of sentencing options and outcomes, and routes to restoration. Informed discussion of ificant contemporary concepts Adult want real sex Houghton NewYork 14744 issues.

Includes development of an individual or group research project on some aspect of the field. Professional preparation, including processes for civil service exams. Required of all senior majors. Experimental and other quantitative methods used in the study of thinking and behavior. Applied statistical analysis, laboratory experiences and research writing. Prerequisite: PSY Drawing from a social psychological perspective, explores racial identity development; the ways racism, racial prejudice and racial biases have led to suffering; and the impact of racialized social institutions on cognition, emotion and behavior.

Ultimately, students are asked to think critically about their own racial development, participation in racialized systems and potential to impact a racialized society. Focuses on research-based principles and practices for language and literacy development of children birth to second grade. Emphasis is given to understanding the processes by which young children learn spoken and written language and to deing appropriate learning experiences to support the development of language and literacy in young children.

This course is restricted to Houghton College Inclusive Childhood Education majors who have completed junior-level course work, Inclusive Childhood Education Graduates, and matriculated students in the Houghton graduate literacy program. Any other enrollees must receive permission from the instructor. Required for B-6 and B certificates.

Principles and application of interpersonal skills in the context of friendships and families. Includes personal and relational awareness, person perception, verbal and nonverbal communication, relational development, and gender communication. Cultivates an appreciation for the ways in which reasoning and abstraction contribute to problem solving and emphasizes conceptual understanding rather than computational proficiency. Fulfills General Education Mathematics requirement. History and aesthetics of music written for Hollywood films.

Exploration of the sociology, philosophy, psychology and technique of film music. Review of the elements of musical style with particular emphasis on their relation to the dramatic aspects of film. Written work emphasizing critical analysis of the use of music in various American film genres. The foundation course in American politics. Focuses on the basic de of the American political system, including constitutionalism, federalism and the separation of powers with special attention to the Founding principles as explained in the Federalist.

Additional topics can include political parties, elections, Congress and the President, bureaucracy, the judiciary, and state and local government. Development of the international system of nation-states; effects of system structure and intrastate elements on international relations; concepts such as power, balance of power, sovereignty and interdependence; and issues such as foreign policy decision making, causes of war and nuclear arms control.

Introduction to the sociological perspective and sociology program emphasis. Explore environment, development, social work and marriage—family topics and issues. Understand social and cultural influences on human action, relationship between our personal lifestyles and society, and how to address challenges facing communities. Workshop - oriented course giving students practice in writing the kind of documen ts one might write in a professional setting, such as fundraising letters, press releases, social media posts and reports.

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Fulfills General Education. An advanced projects course that allows students to refine and focus their work within one of several genres of photography.

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Examines professional practices, including establishing a photography business, marketing techniques, creating estimates and invoices, and copyright issues. Students develop a cohesive portfolio through group discussions and critiques.

Management of processes or systems that create goods or provide services. Includes the basics of forecasting, capacity planning, scheduling, inventory management, total quality management and supply chain management. Reviews the following topics: economic method; demand and supply; consumer and producer theory; effects of market structure; and selected topics on factor markets, resource limits, public choice analysis, the role of government, and perspectives on government and markets.

Includes an overview of certain general topics such as integration of Christian faith and economic ideas, the meaning of scarcity, the role of economic institutions, the economy as a system, economic endowments, and wealth and poverty. Emphasizes lesson de, planning and presentation, small group leadership, and curricula.

Consideration of elements of the criminal justice system. Discussion of dilemma of promoting social order while protecting individual rights. Concepts and principles, theories, and research methods associated with the development of the individual from conception through old age.

Social behavior from a sociological and psychological perspective, examining the interaction of behaviors of individuals in groups. Topics: prejudice, group processes, leadership, conformity, attitudes and change. Examines the cognitive and social development of children birth to second grade and explores a range of developmentally responsive pedagogies that help young children to grow, learn and develop through meaningful, integrated, interdisciplinary learning experiences. Intended for Education major juniors, seniors and post-gr. Note: a course may have prerequisites that need to be fulfilled before enrollment.

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Adult want real sex Houghton NewYork 14744

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