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Lee statue removed in Charlottesville, Virginia. Guess what? I saw the interview and she is clearly nodding when she makes her comment to what Jon Stewart is saying, and laughing and say "noooo" to indicate she's kidding. But not only are the denizens of the conservative media too dumb to get the joke, they embarked on an immediate media jihad to boot.

They now have their proof that Nancy, indeed, all liberals, hate America. James Taranto transcribed the interview and insisted that Nancy didn't make a convincing case for the book. The next day, the Washington Times covered it here. Then Rush Limbaugh read about it in the Washington Times and goes on a rant about it even suggesting, without having read the book, that Nancy argues that we should cede our role as a Superpower.

He also re from the transcript instead of playing it, because if he played it, you'd see she was joking. Apparently Laura Ingraham was on it the next day, with her typical commitment to accuracy and journalistic integrity. Look, for instance, at this doofus who at least had the good grace to recognize his mistake and apologize—making him far more of mensch that Rush or Laura. Quote of the Day, "Transparency" is one of the blessings of democracy that President Bush is proud of having brought to Iraq -- right up there with voting and somewhat less torture than before.

Speaking of Kinsley and the formerly sane—as far as we know—Susan Estrich, Hacktacular Howie is only about two weeks late on this story. And thank goodness Adult swingerss in Taranto secrets employee.

By the way, has anyone heard any news lately of Michael Jackson? If Ron Brownstein says Alan Greenspan is a right-wing hack who are we to argue? Bush to World: "Drop Dead. They requested a reply by March 1, but there has been no reply at all from the Administration. The request cited "secret publicity campaigns to promote administration priorities" including an investigation that "revealed that the Department of Education paid a conservative commentator [Armstrong Williams, though the letter did not name him] to support the No Child Left Behind Act in television and radio appearances," plus another contract with a commentator unearthed following the Williams revelation.

President Bush has said the play-for-pay practice must end; the FCC is investigating the Williams broadcasts for possible payola violations. Free Adult swingerss in Taranto secrets employee for Benton's Headlines subscribers. This is weird. One SNL sketch from the olden days I remember fondly involved an inconsequential conversation between Steve Martin or was it Chevy Chase—I think Steve and Gilda Radner in which he explained of his wife who was dying of cancer in the hospital, that Gilda was the only woman whom, his wife would not object, if they got together before she actually died.

This is also weird. That one sentence, however, is a slander against Dewey. Dewey was 78 at the time. Anyway, it's here. Know what else is weird? Chris Rock was right. I was pleased to see, however, that Martin Scorcese has finally made a decent movie again. One last thing. The Frank Lutz Republican playbook strategy memo is here. Could we rethink that whole not letting the South thing go again. Give us another chance, guys. There are a bunch of important stories in Time this week, but I am too tired to blog about them. Golly, is it funny, and clever, and knowing, and even cute.

Filmed in the same weird squigglevision that characterized those wonderful Dr. Katz shows on Comedy Central, this show features a trio of eight-year-old filmmakers Brendon, Mellisa and Jason, seven, their families, friends, teachers and soccer coach, who is dating one of their moms.

Read all about it here. Barry L. Anyway, wanted to pass this along: What does the World Think of U. Watching America is a fascinating web showing what most of the world thinks of America primarily through their media.

They not only link to, but also translate, much of the foreign media. This is a rather fascinating subject for me professionally. It has implications for both the equity and fixed income markets. Our debt -- government bonds -- are so widely held by other country's central banks and foreign private investors -- its simply foolhardy to ignore their concerns. We don't have to kowtow to them, but ignoring and or grossly offending them kinda seems like a bad strategy.

I recall a NYT article from last year, where a senior Morgan Stanley analyst had just returned from an overseas trip. He was highly agitated over the decaying global opinion of the U. In the past, we may have not have been loved, but the nation was at least respected. Now, he saw disdain and outright hostility towards the country as well as its corporate products.

His biggest fear: a backlash leading to a boycott of "Brand America. The uglier but less likely worst case scenario is a coordinated dumping of US bonds and dollars. A dollar crash and US credit collapse then follows. This is not particularly likely, given our economic inter-relationship with Japan and China, but it is still ugly to think about.

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It was nice and comprehensive. But here's the thing: As long as the media keeps treating Bush's treatment of the media as a media thing, no one really cares. Because that's all been part of the "decertification" process, and people hated the media to begin with. The crux of the matter is this: we have a Commander in Chief who can send year olds half a world away to face gunfire on an hourly basis, but he can't stand up to hard, honest questions--not only from journalists but from school kids in France and Germany.

The man is a rank coward, perhaps the most cowardly president in our nation's history. And it's time somebody called him on it. It is true that Syria is a Sunni-majority country, but the ruling clique comes largely from a Shiite sect sometimes called Alawites. This fact helps to explain why Syria, alone among Arab countries, sided with Iran against Iraq in the 80s Gulf War and why it has close connections to Lebanese Hizbullah. It Adult swingerss in Taranto secrets employee clarifies the hostile relationship between the Syrian and Iraqi Baath parties during the last several decades.

Then you and yours are set for life! Kind regards, Jay Stebley. If a citizen tells a lie to, or about the government, they will either lose their job or go to jail Martha was imprisoned for lying and NOT for any insider trading. However, if the governement tells a lie to its citizens, a far more serious crime as it impacts almost million peoplenot only does the government NOT take responsibility, but those people who perpetrated the lie actually get promoted. It is these double standards that infuriate those that see it ie everybody on the planet excluding Republicans and people waiting in vain for the rapture some time soon.

Here's a link to their main search. All other Altercation readers will thank me, Tickets are difficult now; they will be impossible once it opens, two weeks from now. Hacktacular Howie flacks for the Bush administration and Jay Rosen calls him on it here. But hey, Jay Bubbela, have you never seen a Rob Coddrey interview before? Our man Boehlert offers a valuable correction to Mr. More on Larry Summers : if you can stand it. Are women lagging in math and science professions becauseum, guys shirk their parenting responsibilities?

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Who needs Katha when we have my buddy Jon Cohn? Oh yeah, the little missus has a PhD in applied mathematics. Shocker of the Day? MoDo dated Carl Bernstein?

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Katha, can smart women really be that stupid? Alas, no. Following an exclusive Altercation investigation, we have determined that this part of the story is false. Sorkin, however, until he gets back to me on that um, script. Army recruitment has fallen off to dangerous levels here.

Source: Adult swingerss in Taranto secrets employee Heritage Dictionary. Senators who yesterday voted to kill legislation "to limit consumer interest rates at 30 percent" and to limit predatory lending practices. Thanks to David Sirota. Eric Rauchway Davis, CA If neither the right nor the left will stick up for our civil liberties, who will? And why should they? Let me give a little background explanation, first from across the Atlantic. This week the government of Prime Minister Tony Blair put a bill to the House of Commons allowing the Home Secretary to issue "control orders" against an individual up to and including that person's detention under house-arrest.

The evidentiary basis for such orders need be no greater than that the Home Secretary have "reasonable grounds for suspecting that the individual is or has been involved in terrorism-related activity. It also removes the right of the accused to see the evidence and charges against them. The government has made one concession -- that the Home Secretary will have to talk to a judge to order a house arrest -- but in the main the bill appears set to chop away at basic common-law liberties.

Nor is this the first time for the Labour government. As the Independent reminds us the Blair government tried to take a bite out of the right to trial by jury well before Sept. On this side of the Atlantic we know that, at least according to Justice Scalia our government has been eroding similar rights, despite the courts' sometime opposition.

Now, this observation raises two questions. And 2as I suggested above, if neither the left nor the right will stick up for our civil liberties, who will? You could answer 1 glibly by saying that well, power likes power and whosomever is in power will do this sort of thing if they can get away with it. Or, more charitably, the people in power think they can be trusted.

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As the Telegraph paraphrases UK Home Secretary Charles Clarke, "those powers would be kept in reserve and would be used in only a few cases. But do we really believe Blair and other present-day statesmen are truly enlightened? If so how could they savage such basic enlightened products as these rights? Are there no more real liberals, either of Mill or Hayek flavor? There is a philosophical problem here, that I think will not -- with all due respect to your friend Mr.

Tomasky -- be solved if more Democrats read Dewey and Lippmann. Liberalism was always a philosophy embedded in a particular historical context and any liberal case for rights today needs embedding in our context, today. If I were presuming to as readings, I might conclude that even Rawls strikes me as dated.

This might get us a little further on the way toward what we want a state for, and a public culture for, and a foreign policy for. It's terribly offensive to have to return constantly to first principles and to argue out battles one would have thought already won e.

How about this thing we could call Social Security, which isn't a dole yet provides It's still an off-year in the election cycle. Listening to all the crowing about recent glimpses of democracy in the Middle East, a few thoughts come to mind. First, has anyone notice all of these moments are taking place in non-Sunni Muslim areas?

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In Iraq, Sunnis, out of anger or fear, boycotted the elections. Lebanon is a majority non-Sunni nation Shia Muslims and Christians each have a larger plurality controlled by Syria, which is Sunni. There was also a story last week on public unrest by repressed Shia communities in Saudi Arabia. Second, historically speaking, elections in this region haven't favored moderates or pro-Western governments Algeria, the most recent election in Turkey, Iraq Sistani -- even in Palestine one wonders whether Abbas would have beat the imprisoned terrorist Marwan Barghouti in a fair election.

Adult swingerss in Taranto secrets employee

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