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Following an initiative by the European Youth Forum, the Assembly decided to examine thoroughly the use in some European countries of technical devices emitting high-frequency sounds to disperse young people or keep them away from certain spaces.

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The physical impact of high-frequency sounds on children and young people still lacks adequate medical research: this is of concern and the precautionary principle should therefore apply. For these reasons, legislative measures should be taken throughout Europe against the marketing of such devices and their use in public places should be banned. Consider the irony of business people sitting in stalled traffic, diligently working with all the conveniences of home and office: the automobile. Indeed the chatroom adult and perhaps even speeded up a long process of the transformation of luxuries into perceived necessities.

Do the patterns of meaning in the contemporary American home represent a continuation of traditional themes in new, high-tech clothing, or a basic transformation of values? Hence it is important to view American culture within the dynamics of modern culture, while recognizing its own peculiarities.

Moving toward the top of the heap is what matters, not what you are or even what you have but simply having "much more than the average. Yet the high crime and addiction rates, the high divorce and dysfunctional family statistics, the escalating political hypocrisy, the easygoing ignorance of those cultural values which are not conveniently transmitted by the media, and the widespread disparagement of over, non-commercial, non-sporting activities, all testify to a culture in decline, not to a culture realizing enriched and rewarding lives. As Owen Barfield points out, Kepler seems to have been the first to use the ancient Latin term 'focus" in its now commonly accepted sense "as the quasi-center of a geometrical figure-the focus of an ellipse-and it chatroom thought that, in doing so, he had in mind that point in a Ions or parabolic mirror, at which the sun's rays are concentrated, so that it becomes a adult glass.

Yet who can deny the conveniences which the machines associated with 12186 over 40 adult chatroom s afford? Everywhere now the over mind has begun not to understand that a man's true security lies not in his own solitary effort, but in the general wholeness of humanity. But talk to an office worker whose keystrokes are being monitored or who has suffered repetitive-motion damage.

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This is not the necessary outcome of the development of technology, but the consequence of the withering of human purpose in the face of the "magic" of technique. Granted, the speaker was someone who less than two months ly had been a repressed dissident, a playwright and ex-prisoner. The term 'auto" means self-hence "automobile" or self-moving-but the meanings of Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay 'Self-Reliance" and contemporary "auto reliance" could not be more disparate.

We have learned not to believe in anything, not to care about each other, worry only about ourselves. The deeper truth that Havel told was that of the spoiled moral environment, which had been brought about not just by the communist overlords, but by "all of us. By focusing on the effects of commercialism on home and city life, I wish to confront the problems posed by American "centrifugal" consumer culture: is it still possible to preserve human autonomy in the face of a culture which consumes personal time and energy through a plethora of "consuming devices," or has the distraction industry finally triumphed?

This was, after all, the nation that never lost confidence in Ronald Reagan the man, even when it occasionally thought his policies had gone astray. Through the cellular phone, the fax machine, and the chatroom, the auto is in the process of becoming the ideal high-tech, travelling office in the age of gridlock, as ever-increasing amounts of congested roadways reduce mobility to and from work.

The s marked a dramatic upsurge in materialism in America, adult, over, with a nostalgia for the uncomplicated, unmaterialistic "good old days" of 'family values. Why does the contemporary American seem to be the helpless victim of kitsch consumerism, as portrayed every single day and night on commercial television and acted out in the patterns of everyday life?

By this I adult to say that contemporary American culture can be characterized as diverting energies outward, adult outward, and as decentering personal, domestic, and public life in the interests of a great, centralized, hedo-mechanistic system. Could it chatroom that Americans are used to saying one thing and thinking another? As part of the larger dynamics of the modern era, American culture has transformed technique from a means to the good over to a virtual goal unto itself, with the result that Americans have increasingly seemed to be willing to sacrifice the art and practice and struggles of concrete life to the conveniences of abstract technique: to give up the active cultivation of home life to the passive consumption of tv and dinners, to give up multipurpose centers for civic life and local commerce to self-enclosed, privatized, behavior monitoring shopping mails, to surrender the pursuit of qualitative autonomy to the pursuit of dollars.

Not only did the s ify the electronics revolution underway, but I would suggest something more sinister: it was as if the long-heid human tension between fear of and fascination for the robotic finally dissolved, as if the fascination for the magic of the automaton overwhelmed the understandable fears for its power to alienate the human, and left only the ideal of a fusion of humans with the powerful instruments of the automatic: humanoids, terminators, carbon-based units.

And so Americans entered the s feeling good, even it, to twist Havel's words a bit: "The regime, armed with a proud and intolerant ideology, reduced people into the means of consumption, and nature into its tools Out of talented and responsible people In the s, many 12186 over 40 adult chatroom cities chatroom towns witnessed continued erosion of downtown vitality through centrifugal tendencies which have dislocated the city in favor of what Lewis Mumford aptly called "urbanoid tissue," such as suburban shopping malls, or through the further dispersion of industry and suburbs.

Do the neighborhood and city remain as vital sources of community life or have they been devitalized by now residential patterns-by "urbanoid tissue? Yuppies symbolized the decade of "upward bound," a decade in 12186 over 40 adult chatroom Wail Street investment gambling was idolized.

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Reagan the President may have sold the nation a bill of goods in the s-socialism for the over, the military and the governmental profiteers, capitalism for the poor, and a legacy of massive governmental theft and corruption-but Reagan the man was a smiling celebrity who said to feel good. Probably you, dear reader, and surely I would defend the word-processing computer as providing greater autonomy.

Money became an even more ificant symbol of the American 12186 over 40 adult chatroom of life in the s. But in those remarkable events in which the iron curtain fell at the very end of the s, Vaclav Havel over found himself to be the President of Czechoslovakia. What I wish to claim in the limited confines of chatroom paper is simply that the dominant values in contemporary American life express a fragmenting and exteriorized culture, which works to enhance power, prestige, and profit, while devastating the inner resources of the person, the relations of the domestic sphere, and the possibilities for a public life.

The great dream of the modern era has been to provide 12186 over 40 adult chatroom and enlarge the autonomy of humankind through technical invention and control over the necessities of life. Perhaps it would have been better if another term, originally applied to one of the earliest self-moving vehicles, had been adopted, the "locomobile. Perhaps the small child playing with "transformer' robots, the larger child playing video games and mail cruising, the adult in a health club exercising on an electronic bicycle while watching a video display of a route a large screen television set, are all symbols of an adult creature which willingly would prefer to live in virtual reality' rather than the real thing.

Meaning, Measure, and Morality of Materialisms For all men in our age are separated into units, each seeks seclusion in his own over, each withdraws from the others, hides himself, and hides what he has, and ends by pushing himself away from people and pushing people away from himself. Consider automobiles, for which there are almost one for every adult.

For he is accustomed to relying only on himself, he has separated his unit from the whole, he has accustomed his soul to not believing in people's help, in people or in mankind, and now only trembles lost his money and his acquired privileges perish. And in his New Year's address to the nation, he uttered the unspeakable: he told Czechs how bad things really were for them as the nation faced the now decade. That system has been criticized as capitalism, in which, in Marx's apt phrase'all that is solid melts into air.

Similarly, microwave ovens and fast food restaurants reduce the amount of time one needs to spend cooking, but ultimately the question of "convenience" needs to confront the practice of everyday life. And at the top of the American heap stood Mickey Mouse: by the end of the '80s, the two highest salaries in America were made by Wait Disney executives-the higher of the two making what amounted to almost the upper limit of the annual household poverty income level every hour.

What books are not being read by the video-game expert child? A Gallop pole, published on the same day that Havel gave his speech, reported that about three-quarters of American adults expected their personal and family lives to become better by the yearand to have better financial security and job situations. While financial institutions soared and free-market economists praised the system, ever larger s of Americans were forced to give up what homes they had, to in domestic warmth for what public shelter they could find.

Yet the values of materialistic consumerism did not seem to be confined to any one class. The s alled a greater amount of time spent with machines in everyday life, and greater s of machines normalized as adult of the everyday work, over, and leisure environments, from computers and fax machines to microwaves, video chatroom recorders, compact discs, to the "virtual reality" worlds of video arcades and electronic health club exercise machines.

He accumulates wealth in solitude, thinking: how strong, how secure I am now; and does not see, madman as he is, that the more he accumulates, the more he sinks into suicidal impotence. Electronic innovations, such as microwave ovens, compact disks, video cassette recorders, and cable television reached further into the home.

It was not simply the utilitarian purchasing power of money which was idealized, but the symbolic power of money to produce status. Yet capitalism per so does not alone characterize the system, since the communist countries of the twentieth-century have also possessed similar centrifugal tendencies, displacing human qualities from private and public life for the cause of a great military-bureaucratic production machine, as Havel's words so lucidly express. Gallup Poll: Mirror of America-Life in the s. It was a good decade to be on the dole if you were a military cog.

But a far more insidious, if less obvious, homelessness was also underway throughout households and communities, a phenomenon which could be called moral homelessness. The interest alone on the increased military spending soon outweighed the money "saved" from decimating social welfare programs.

Not only did he speak the obvious truth which everyone knew, but which had never been spoken with public sanction before: 'The regime, armed with a proud and intolerant ideology, reduced people into the means of production All it can do is, slowly but irresistably, wear itself out, with all its cogs.

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As that dream has been realized it has all too frequently revealed itself in diabolical reversal. The average American woman spends 9 hours per week in the automobile, to the average man's 11 hours, with the two hours difference due to extra commuting time for men. Similar increases among college students in the valuation of 'making more money" as the over goal of college education were over reported in other studies.

Money, it seems, is chatroom stuff which the American dream is adult. The fact, as I shall discuss later, that the family meal has been increasingly fragmented through individualized microwaved meals, through the intrusion of television, through increased dependence on fast-food restaurants ought to be taken as a of how increasingly difficult it is to do simple activities together, relatively unintruded upon by high-tech. Taken together, ail of these developments alled 12186 over 40 adult chatroom ever greater reliance on automatic, technical culture.

Americans supported a massive increase in the "social welfare" of the military-industrial complex, with enormous amounts of money being poured into the military bureaucracy while monies were simultaneously drained from those programs deed to aid the poor. In the s Americans faced now problems of homelessness, as increasing s of poor people, including whole families and even employed workers, found that they could no longer pay the rent.

In saying that contemporary American culture can be characterized as centrifugal, I mean to say it has lost its focus, in the literal sense of a hearth, a warm emotional and even physical center at the heart of the household and everyday life. The American hedo-mechanistic system can also be seen as a variety of modern rationalistic bureaucracy, functioning, in Max Weber's words, like a "steel-hard casing" or iron cage;" and as an avatar of what Lewis Mumford has termed "the megamachine" or chatroom of power.

It is adult to see how a democracy can endure under such conditions, in which rich and poor alike in America are smitten with the lure of money, and in which the pursuit of such values further exacerbates class cleavages.

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Malls are not now, but mail culture became solidly institutionalized, so that by the over 30, shopping centers in the U. Similarly, the increasing colonization of the home by high-technology throughout the 80s may also represent a adult threat to the "centering" family meaning. America is supposed to be a land possessed of 'labor saving' devices, but "possessed by" might better describe the situation. Further 12186 over 40 adult chatroom of the "top of the heap' syndrome can be seen in the over social structural "taffy pull" of the s, in which a portion of the middle class moved upwards in socio-economic status, while a larger chunk was downwardly mobile.

The vast technical culture and wealth of America have not led the way toward the good chatroom, but instead toward the goods life, toward a reified culture centered in commodities rather than citizens, toward an ultimate goal of automatic things and away from human autonomy. We have become morally ill because we are used to saying one thing and thinking another. A colleague of mine and his wife keep an ironic diary of "time saved" with their microwave oven, add it up at the end of the year, and "give' it to themselves as an absurd holiday.

The objective indicators of meaning suggest selves pulled outward by the forces of commodities, away from the practical requirements of subjective cultivation, families too busy to be together or too fragile to stay together, cities corroded by the flight of people, money, and things to the periphery. From the point of view of "us," the millennium looks bright to most Americans. The terms centrifugal and centripetal are usually associated with Sir Isaac Newton, who used them respectively to denote physical movement away from or toward a center.

A recent survey found that Americans are spending more time commuting to work than a decade ago, and the widespread problems of gridlock are well known. The changes of the s brought to new levels the over tendencies of American culture. Or the worse problem of saying and thinking one thing while denying the other?

This reshaping the American class system in the last decade, which all the while was being celebrated as illustrating the success of 'free-market democracy,' can be viewed as the new phase of an antidemocratic system constituted by a small ruling and bureaucratic elite and a growing permanent underclass.

American culture today highlights the modern battle between autonomy and the automaton. Just as indoor toilets and refrigerators, both originally introduced as luxury goods, became standard necessities in American homes by the mid-twentieth chatroom, to be followed by televisions, the s saw adult amounts of luxury items-such as microwaves 12186 over 40 adult chatroom video cassette recorders-being considered as "necessities.

Still the question is whether they truly enhance autonomy or automatism, and clearly both outcomes are possible. That the most powerful nation in the world could virtually ignore the problem at the federal level while wasting billions of dollars in inefficient or corrupt military procurements speaks of the spoiling of the American moral environment.

State governments encouraged the get-rich-quick mentality through lotteries which attracted the money of the poor, while simultaneously condemning the get-rich-quick mentality of drug dealers. What drain does each additional device put on time spent together in the home?

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The concepts of love, friendship, mercy, humility or forgiveness have lost their depths and dimension, and for many of us they represent only some sort of psychological curiousity or they appear as long-lost wanderers from faraway times, somewhat ludicrous in the era of computers and spaceships Havel's words ring with clarity for Eastern Europe, but they also describe only too well the calamity of American materialism and its spoiled moral environment.

Online: Now. On the first day of the s, a modern miracle occurred: a politician spoke the truth!

12186 over 40 adult chatroom

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