Plan Your Perfect Long Weekend And Have It Right

From Monday to Friday, we work ourselves up at work, getting ourselves busy with little or no time for relaxation. We have so gotten accustomed to the busy schedule of the week that we carry the same busy schedule into the weekend. We have little or no time to relax during the week of even at weekends at that. We are dedicated to sitting at our desks working. This has become very necessary with the economy crisis the whole world is battling. The rule of "no work, no food" more than ever is now more at play as people have to do the extra work to get just enough to survive in this economy. We work into the weekend to ensure we get enough to live by but at the end of the day, we barely have time to enjoy the money we are working for.

After working hard for months on end, we crave time out to spend with family and friends, time to relax and enjoy with no pressure from work. We crave time to replenish the lost mental energy because of overwork. It is everyone's desire to have a break from the hectic routine, every one desires to spend a long weekend relaxing and having fun, away from the stress and pressure from work, away from the deadlines and appointments. While planning for a long weekend, some things have to be put into consideration.

Pre-Planning Phase: As much as you want to take a long weekend off your routine, it comes with a lot of planning and packing and arranging. Before the vacation, planning should have been done and packing should have started a week or two before the trip. Planning requires many things to. During this phase, you would be planning on where to visit, how long the vacation is going to take, what you would need during the vacation, what you need to take along with you on the trip.

When packing, the packing is not the difficult task but deciding what to pack and what not to pack for the trip. It is very difficult to the dress you will take along, the things you will have to pack etc. We would offer some help with that. Traveling is something we all love to do not because of the fun experiences but also for the fact that it refreshes the mind and relaxes the soul. To ensure we have the vacation we dream about, it is important to take clothes we are comfortable wearing.

Dress Casually/Moderately-

When picking out the cloth to wear on your trip, make sure you do not ever dress or under dress. It is very important to dress casually. You do not want to look like you are going for an interview; neither do u want to look tattered on the journey. Dress Comfortably-

Dressing comfortably is something you do not want to compromise on. When going on a journey it is important to dress in a cloth in which you feel free and not in one which makes you feel all caged up.

A pair of tight jeans is not an option for an expedition. You should rather slip into those loose trousers or joggers, which will give you room. A loose shirt should also be your choice. When you are faced with the decision of where to go, Trek with Kandoo: the high altitude experts

Quality Luggage- when packing, it is important to use quality luggage, which will hold in all your clothing and keep you organized. Your luggage should be able to hold under pressure and stress.

It should be able to stand kicks, jabs, pulls etc. and still keep your gadget safe. When getting your luggage it is necessary to get one that is light and easy to carry. A heavy luggage is an extra weight that could drag down the traveler.


Comfortable Shoes:

It is also very important to embark on your journey with only comfortable shoes. It is as important as wearing comfortable clothes. You should not wear heels or wedges on the journey to ensure you are comfortable. It is advisable to wear sneakers or sport shoes. These will ensure your mobility. You should be able take off your shoes with ease and quickly too There are some tips you need when embarking on long weekend to ensure you have a truly memorable and well deserved vacation without issues.

Pack Less:

When going on your vacation you should pack less. Stick to the basic things you need for the journey and nothing outside that. You shouldn't carry with you clothes you are not going to wear or shoes you will not need. Carrying less luggage is always the key.

Learn the Local Language:

Learning the basic and common phrases of your destination's local language. It is important to learn these simple phrases as they could be of great advantage in case you need to communicate with the locals. The locals also find it easier to warm up to anybody who speaks their native language. Learning simple phrases like asking for directions, greeting, compliments can go a long way in making sure you enjoy every bit of your vacation. Asides the fact that it helps the locals warm up to you. It also means you have learnt another language and these can come in handy at any time.

Patronize The Local Market-

It is always good to patronize the local market at your destination. This makes you have a feel of the native way of life. Patronizing the local market is also advantageous to the economy of the local market. By visiting the local market, you also use the opportunity to experience the culture of the people first hand Eating the local food is also a very good way to enjoy your vacation. The local food, cooked by the locals is always better than eating industrial food. The local dishes are usually fresh and healthy. This will not only be a wonderful experience but at the same time keep you in good health. Capture every moment- it is always good go on your vacation with a camera to capture every moment.